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Nov. 14, 2018

An Eclectic History - Shepherdstown

Situated in the lap of the Appalachians, in the lower Shenandoah Valley, is Shepherdstown. This picturesque little town is famous among travelers for its beauty, heritage, and quaint charm. Shepherdstown is the oldest city in West Virginia. While walking down the streets it isn't difficult to recognize its historical significance. 


The university town that draws thousands of visitors every year boasts several small shops, cafés, restaurants, and various other places of interest. However, Shepherdstown isn't just a charming little getaway!


Shepherdstown traces its origin back to the 1700s, when migrants started settling onto the lower Shenandoah Valley. Settlers had started to drift in since 1720 in what is today known as Shepherdstown. Most people who settled in this region had been given land grants. One such settler was Thomas Shepherd who settled on the south side of the Potomac after taking up 222 acres of land in 1734.  Later, in 1762, the town was established as Mecklenburg by the Virginia Assembly. Since Shepherd was the only trustee, he was given the responsibility of governing the settlement. As the town limits were enlarged, the name was changed to Shepherd’s Town, and later to Shepherdstown after the Civil War. 


Shepherdstown as well as the whole Shenandoah Valley contributed to the American Revolution. The cemeteries bear witness to the veterans who laid their lives for the cause of American Independence. The townsfolk also contributed by supplying clothing, saddles, wagons and other essential items that the military could use. 


The small town was also a front runner in a revolution of another sort – transportation. Perhaps the most significant historical event that took place in Shepherdstown was the successful trial of a steamboat by mechanical engineer James Rumsey in 1787. This was a moment of great significance as thousands of people watched the trial from the banks of the Potomac River.  


During the time that Rumsey had his successful steamboat test, another event was taking place. The construction of the Mecklenburg Tobacco Warehouse built on the riverfront land supplied by Abraham Shepherd. This land was perfect for trading and ferrying supplies to Shepherdstown. At the point where tobacco was no longer important, the warehouse was then used to store wheat, corn, and other items. The Mecklenburg Warehouse is the only riverfront commercial property still standing today and has been registered as a historical landmark. When the tide is low, you can still see the ramp plunging into the water for bartered goods to travel on from docking ships. 

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Oct. 22, 2018

A Brief History of Inwood, WV

Inwood has an enriching history that began in the 1880’s with the arrival of the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR) extension at South Berkeley County, West Virginia. It also marked the setting up of the famous Inwood Park resort on the property of the Strong family, one of the prominent residents of the region.

How Inwood Got its Name

Inwood’s original name was Gerrard. Two stories about the town’s naming are widely circulated. One version is that the town got its name from the local park located in the woods, hence Inwood Park.

The other version is that when the town’s first post master, Jonathan Newton Thatcher applied to open a post office in Gerrard, the authorities found the name conflicting with another town 4 miles to the west (called Gerrardstown). This necessitated a name change. Thatcher chose the name “Inwood” from a cousin’s address in Inwood, California. He requested Washington DC to alter the town’s name from Gerrard to Inwood and allocated a new post office for it.


Inwood Post Office and Park

The official post office in Inwood, WV was established on May 5th, 1890 and paved the way for a village park to develop around it. Jonathan Thatcher himself was the first postmaster of the new post office. The park also became the venue for the annual Inwood Fair attended by about 7,000 to 12,000 people each year from 1892 to 1913. 


Railroad Station

Thanks to the grain elevator at the Inwood Station of The Cumberland Valley Railroad, Inwood became the point from where local agricultural produce was shifted to other places.

Wood products, including bark used in tanning, railroad ties made in the western end of the town, and other products were also shipped using the CVRR from Inwood. The cargo traffic made sure that the profitability of Inwood station was among the highest in the CVRR circuit.


Inwood as the Apple Capital

Gray Silver, an influential local politician, established co-operative farming among the region’s orchardists in the early 1900s. Apple was the primary crop in the region. The farmers preferred apples because of their extended shelf life and also because they could be transported without that much damage.

Gray Silver also spearheaded the efforts to find numerous investors for setting up a commercial plant for apples at Inwood. The arrival of CH Musselman Company from Biglerville, Pennsylvania in the 1920s is attributed to Silver’s efforts. The company decided to establish a plant for processing apples at Inwood. By the end of the 1920s, Inwood was home to the Musselman factory, a pioneer in its field and an expert in the production of applesauce.

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Oct. 17, 2018

Tuscawilla Hills, Charles Town, WV

Tuscawilla Hills, Charles Town, WV September Report

Low Supply

Only one home was sold in September. The selling price was $236,800. It had been on the market for only 31 days. It had a cost if $107 per square foot. There are currently five homes on the market which is a two and a half months supply. Please call ERA Liberty Realty at 304-728-2000 if you would like to have an estimated value as to your homes value.

Thank You

John H. Kilroy, Broker

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Oct. 11, 2018

Locust Hill, Charles Town, WV

Market Report-Locust Hill, Charles Town, WV

September, 2018


There were three homes sold last month in Locust Hill. The market has slowed a little. But with supply down this may mean that buyers should move quickly.



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Oct. 11, 2018

Charles Town, WV Market Report

Homes sales in Charles Town, WV

If you would like more information on homes for sale in Charles Town, WV please call ERA-Liberty Realty at 304-728-2000.


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Sept. 27, 2018

Charles Town, WV homes for sale

Please enter the below to see homes for sale in Charles Town, WV. There is a short supply so if you are interested please call our office.



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Sept. 26, 2018

Negotiating tips buying a home

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Sept. 20, 2018

Selling your home

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Sept. 19, 2018

Charles Town August 2018 Market Report

Charles Town, WV Housing Market Report

Realtors reported that Charles Town, WV home sales increased in August even as the local housing supply remains tight. Meanwhile it is reported that the median price of homes was $281,500 and the average days on the market was 63 days. 


A look at the housing stats 

38 houses sold at an average of $115 per square foot with: 

3 bedroom homes with an average sales price of $239,883 (14 homes) 

4 bedroom homes with an average sales price of $329,931 (19 homes) 


Wondering what your home is worth 

Check out our property valuation tool!



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Sept. 18, 2018

Mortgage tips!

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